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Every Trail
Tells a Story

Follow John as he shares his unique trail philosophy and the many mental, physical, and even spiritual benefits of hiking.

Meet John McKinney The Trail Master
John McKinney

Spiritual Journeys 

Epic Adventures

Hiking the
Holy Mountain

Tales of Monks and Miracles
on the Trails of Mt. Athos Greece

While the “plot” and colorful cast of Greek monks seem like they came from a movie script, this is very much a true story!

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Hiking On The Edge

Hiking on the Edge

Dreams, Schemes, and 1600 miles
on the California Coastal Trail

Until John McKinney agreed to take his epic hike, no one had ever walked along the edge of the state to determine if a California Coastal Trail was even possible.

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Hiking the Holy Mountain

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Hike California State Parks

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Why I Compiled a Hiker’s Dictionary

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Take a Hike Day

Depending on who you ask, “Take A Hike Day” (November 17) is either about going for a walk in nature or telling someone to get…
hiking trail

Hiking Trails Defined

More than 30 different kinds of hiking trails offer us a chance to take a hike! Who knew?
grandparents hiking with grandkid

Grandparents: Take a Hike with Your Grandchildren

The wisdom that comes from age gives grandparents certain advantages in taking kids on a hike.