Boredom thwarts our best intentions to exercise—including going out for a walk. Taking the same neighborhood loop day in and day out can dull the motivation of even the most diehard walking enthusiast.

To keep the spring in your step, add a little green exercise and try a different route. You might be surprised what a little research might uncover in the way of greenery and scenery in your area. Reinvigorate your walking by relocating your usual walk and turning it into a hike. Turn a routine walk into a hike. Here’s some relocation advice:

A Walk in the Park. Away from the maddening crowd, city and suburban parks are islands of greenery and nature.
Meander down by the riverside. The sound of running water is particularly restful to us. De-stress by walking alongside a river.
Make tracks. The Rails-to-Trails Conservancy, along with assorted governmental agencies has converted thousands of miles of out-of-use railroad tracks to walking paths. Check to find a trail near you.
Walk with the animals. Nearby wildlife refuges, estuaries and bird-watching sites often have trails leading to, or around them.
Walk U. College campuses offer safe walkways, athletic tracks, fitness trails, even gardens and nature paths.
Busman’s holiday. Take a bus to the edge of the city and walk back or walk to the end of the bus line and bus back.