Tennis Channel host Danielle Dotzenrod and Trailmaster John McKinney agree hiking alleviates stress

Ever wondered how hiking could benefit someone who plays tennis?


Well, I hadn’t given it much thought either, until the producers of “Fit to Hit” on the Tennis Channel gave me call. Apparently more than a few tennis players like to get off the court and onto the trail and would The Trailmaster mind sharing his expertise on the advantages of hitting the trail for some who likes hitting balls?

I spent a wonderful morning hiking around the Santa Monica Mountains near L.A. with the crew of “Fit to Hit” and the show’s lovely, long-legged and talented host Danielle Dotzenrod.

As we walked up a fire road and got great views of the metropolis, the coast and the wide blue Pacific, I commented that hiking maintains a level of exercise and aerobic intensity without pounding your body in the process. Hiking uphill and downhill benefit you in different ways, making it a well-rounded exercise.

Unlike other sports that are played on a specific terrain, when you’re hiking, each step is different. And that means you work slightly different muscles.

It was an easy shoot, as they say in the biz. Danielle was easy to walk with and talk with. We soon moved from the many benefits to the body offered by hiking to the boost it gives to the spirit.

I figure I must have been particularly opinionated about the physical, mental and emotional benefits of hiking because my hiking segment wound up paired with a feature on water aerobics in an episode titled, “Alleviating Stress.”

Learn more about Fit to Hit and when episodes are scheduled on the Tennis Channel site.

I love preaching the gospel about hiking on TV whenever I have the opportunity.

Anyone know a venture capitalist looking to fund the start-up of a Hiking Channel?

I’ve got some great ideas for programming.