John McKinney can be booked to speak through the Orthodox Speakers Bureau. His talks and keynote addresses include: Hiking the Holy Mountain, Getting Back on the Nature Trail, Adoption, Orthodoxy and the Environment. Check out John McKinney’s Speaker Profile on the Orthodox Speakers Bureau site.

John McKinney inspires audiences with his talks, including "Hiking the Holy Mountain" and "Getting Back on the Nature Trail"
John McKinney inspires audiences with his talks, including “Hiking the Holy Mountain” and “Getting Back on the Nature Trail”

“Hiking the Holy Mountain” is John’s most popular talk. While the ‘plot’ and colorful cast of Greek monks in “Hiking the Holy Mountain” seem like they came from a movie script, this is very much a true story! Audiences love this tale of ancient traditions, modern-day faith and family.

“I was a reluctant pilgrim to say the least,” John admits. “But one thing I’ve learned from all my time on the trail is that on this amazing path we call life, we’re often compelled to change direction.” The monks he met and the miracles he experienced on Mt. Athos prompted John to think about—and talk about—hiking in an altogether different and more profound way.

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For more information or to book a speaker, including John McKinney, contact Cynthia Damaskos, director of the Orthodox Speakers Bureau.