Ever spot a heart-shaped rock on the trail?

Love and Peace from California hikers

My friend Becky the hiker sees heart-shapes wherever she walks: heart-shaped rocks on the trail, heart-shaped beach glass, stones and shell fragments by the shore. She’s even found two bowed trees growing toward each other, leaving a heart-shaped space between them.

Smart phone camera always at the ready, Becky has captured 80 or so stone hearts and heart-shapes over the last couple of years on her walks, jogs and hikes. She’s mulling over posting them on a web site or collecting them in a book with some inspirational prose.

Her son Huck and my son Daniel are best buds and I often take the two teens on hikes.

Recently Becky shared some of her heart images with me and can you guess what happened?

Hiking with heart on the way to Gaviota Peak near Santa Barbara, California

That’s right. On my next hike, I sighted a rock heart on the trail to Gaviota Peak.

Rock on, hike on, and a Happy New Year of hiking.