As a matter of historical record, California’s first state park was Yosemite. Yes, that Yosemite. It was given to California by President Lincoln’s proclamation in 1864. Early in the 20th century, California returned Yosemite to the federal government and began creating its own parks.

Take a hike and celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the California State Park system.
Take a hike and celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the California State Park system.
This year the California State Parks system celebrates its 150th anniversary. Even strictly by the numbers, it’s an impressive system, widely regarded as the nation’s finest.

278 Number of State Park “units” administered by the California Department of Parks and Recreation.

6 Half-dozen kinds of units comprising the California Park System, including State Parks, State Historic Parks, State Wilderness, State Reserves, State Recreation Areas and State Beaches.

1.5 million Total acreage of California State Parks.

One-third The amount of California’s lengthy coastline under the stewardship of California State Parks.

3,000 Miles of hiking, biking and equestrian trails.

160 The Trailmaster’s tally of the number of state parks offering at least one hike.

130,000 Members of the California State Parks Foundation, dedicated to protecting, enhancing and advocating for state parks.

65 million Visitor to State Parks, collectively making them the single largest visitor destination in the state and second only to the National Park system for the nation.

Now that you know, you’ve got to go. The Trailmaster says the best way to celebrate the 150th anniversary of California State Parks is to take a hike.

Hike smart, reconnect with nature and have a wonderful time hiking in a state park.