Best Day Hikes in L.A.’s Iconic Natural Backdrop 

From Runyon Canyon to Amir’s Garden to the HOLLYWOOD Sign, Hiking Expert John McKinney shares his favorite walks on the truly wild side of Hollywood.

  • Saunter up to Griffith Observatory, stride around Lake Hollywood and trek to the domain of the TreePeople.
  • Get healthy workouts and grand views of the metropolis on ascents to Bee Rock, Beacon Hill and Mt. Hollywood.
  • Hike to Batman’s Cave, Trebeck Open Space and to dozens of classic and contemporary TV and film locations.

Complete with The Trailmaster’s colorful stories, proven trail accounts and easy-to-follow maps.


  • Ferndell
  • Griffith Observatory
  • Mt. Hollywood
  • Glendale Peak
  • Beacon Hill
  • Mt. Hollywood from Old L.A. Zoo
  • Bee Rock
  • Amir’s Garden & Mount Bell
  • Western Heritage
  • Brush Canyon & Bronson Caves
  • Hollywood Sign and Mt. Lee
  • Cahuenga Peak
  • Hollywood Reservoir
  • Runyon Canyon (South)
  • Runyon Canyon (North)
  • Trebek Open Space
  • Wilacre Park & Coldwater Canyon
  • Fryman Canyon Overlook
  • Upper Franklin Canyon
  • Lower Franklink Canyon

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