Slim Down, Shape Up, Reconnect with Nature Healthier Outdoors. 

Look and feel better, one step at a time. Hiking Expert John McKinney shows you how to fit hiking into your busy life.

  • Learn the “Ten Ways Hiking Improves Your Health” and why a walk in nature is better for you than a walk in the city.
  • Find out how to select the right hiking gear and apparel, choose a trail and set your pace, get fit and have fun.
  • Go from feeling stressed to feeling blessed. Discover the best ways to restore body, mind and spirit.

Complete with The Trailmaster’s Hiking Fitness Program.


  • Hike for the Health of It
  • New Studies Show Hiking is Good for You
  • Ten Ways Hiking Improves Health
  • The Walking-Hiking Connection
  • Nature Heals and Reveals
  • Gearing Up
  • Find a Trail and Use It
  • The Path to Improved Fitness
  • The Trailmaster’s Hiking Fitness Program
  • Hiking Puts More Spring in Your Step

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