Get Healthier Outdoors. Take a Hike! Hiking Expert & Author John McKinney Connects Us to Nature with His Pocket Guide Hike for Health & Fitness Hike for Health & Fitness News Release

In an effort to highlight the many mental and physical health benefits of time spent in nature and the benefits of hiking in particular, hiking expert John McKinney, aka The Trailmaster, is pleased to announce publication of his newly updated, HIKE for Health & Fitness: Slim Down, Shape Up and Reconnect with Nature. The guide is a featured title in The Trailmaster Pocket Guide Series, created especially for hikers and designed to fit perfectly in the hiker’s pocket or pack.

“A hike is a doubly healthy endeavor, combining all the benefits of walking and all the benefits of spending time in nature,” says McKinney, who served as the Los Angeles Times hiking columnist for 18 years, written many popular trail guides, and has long been a champion of getting on the trail to good health.

“Going for a walk in a natural setting provides mental, physical and spiritual rejuvenation,” adds McKinney, “and hiking is just plain fun, whether you take to the trail with a companion or alone with your thoughts.”

 Hike for Health & Fitness shows how to look and feel better, one step at a time, and how to fit hiking into your busy life. The Trailmaster offers custom conditioning programs to improve fitness and/or prepare for a challenging hike. With this easy-to-read guide:

  • Learn the “Ten Ways Hiking Improves Your Health” and why a walk in nature is better for you than a walk in the city.
  • Find out how to select the right hiking gear and apparel, choose a trail and set your pace, get fit and have fun.
  • Go from feeling stressed to feeling blessed. Discover the best ways to restore body, mind and spirit.

HIKE for Health & Fitness ($9.95) and other Trailmaster Pocket Guides including HIKE San Francisco and HIKE Griffith Park & Hollywood Hills are available from REI and select retailers, Amazon and For more information about books and talks by John McKinney or interview requests, contact, 805-845-7102.

About the Author

John McKinney, aka The Trailmaster, is the author of 30 books and a thousand articles about hiking. A passionate advocate for hiking and our need to reconnect with nature, John shares his expertise on radio, TV, online, and as a public speaker.