During the 1930s and 1940s, passengers on the Bermuda Railway were treated to breathtaking views of palmetto-fringed shores, picturesque hamlets and a profusion of subtropical plants and flowers. The train is long gone, but the Bermudan government in 1984 converted the rails to trails. The result is the Bermuda Railway Trail, a 22-mile footpath that offers hikers an intimate look at the island.

Bermuda Railway Trail: Fun, flat, and well signed

The grade, as you might expect, is easy. Oleander and hibiscus hedges line the trail, which at times give hikers the feeling they’re stepping down a garden path. Countless subtropical flowers perfume the salt air. The trail visits—or travels near—virtually every park and preserve on the island. You’ll hike through small groves of native Bermuda cedar and fiddleneck woodland, as well as stands of allspice trees and Surinam cherry.

Fun in the sun! Hike across Bermuda suggests The Trailmaster

The islanders are extremely polite and helpful and particularly friendly to anyone exploring their island on foot. All of Bermuda—cities, sites and beaches—is within reach of the Railway Trail.

More info: www.bermudarailway.net, www.bermuda-online.org